The George Bush Presidential Library and Museum offers a variety of educational activities for students from Pre-K to Grade 12. These programs are designed to reinforce state and national curriculum by focusing on the White House, the presidency, U.S. and local government, and U.S. history, with a specific focus on the life and times of President George H. W. Bush and his administration.

  • Bush Programs
    Mrs. Bush's Story Time (Pre-K – 2nd grade)

    Hear recordings of Mrs. Bush reading several popular children's books, and learn through resources and activities developed by The Malvern School.

    Museum Discovery (Pre-K – 2nd grade)

    For a fun and enriching experience, pupils make a Millie puppet, learn museum manners, hear a storybook, discuss the world of museums, and then tour the Ansary Gallery of American History.

  • White House Wonders

    Three programs explore life at the White House!

    My Own Room at the White House (1st-3rd grades)

    Each student designs a room at the White House and enjoys learning about life at the White House.

    Holidays in the White House (1st-4th grades)

    Experience how the White House celebrates winter or spring holidays! Students can create a special ornament and imaginative greeting card.

    Dinner at the White House (2nd-4th grades)

    Students plan an elegant dinner at the White House, complete with guest list, dinner menu and china.

  • Presidential Challenge

    Three interactive learning programs feature national symbols, U.S. presidents and American history.

    The Presidential Quilt (1st-4th grades)

    Students create individual quilt squares that represent national symbols of America. Teachers are given quilt backing materials to finish the quilt without sewing.

    Tic-Tac America (5th-9th grades)

    Students are divided into two teams and challenged to test their knowledge of presidents and American history.

    The American Challenge (7th-12th grades)

    Teams of students are challenged to test their knowledge of presidents, American history and culture through competition on a room-sized board game.

  • Survival Skills: Citizens Act!

    Students use critical thinking skills to expand their understanding of responsible citizenship.

    City Council (3rd-5th grades)

    Students assume functional roles as members of a city council and concerned citizens trying to solve the community problem of an escaped lion! To customize your visit, consider asking one or more of your city council members to join your class.

    Congressional Role-Play (4th-6th and 7th-12th grades)

    Students become functional members of Congress to learn about the legislative process first hand. Each student is given a character description stating political party preference, identifying issues and voting history.

    How We Shall Govern? (7th-12th grades)

    Shipwrecked on a deserted island, teams form governments and develop laws in order to survive. Explore the different forms of government.

  • High School Days

    Annually, the High School Days Program brings all of the Bryan-College Station high school juniors to the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum for a day to be immersed in a wide-variety of enriching educational experiences. This program has continued since 2002 due to the cooperative relationship between the high school faculty and the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum.

    The purpose is to offer the high school juniors opportunities unavailable in their daily lives by broadening their horizons through engaging activities. Seminars are presented by outstanding experts in science and history, as well as authors and motivational speakers. Additionally, the interactive museum offers opportunities for students to participate in dynamic decision-making sessions, such as the issues faced by President Bush concerning the first Gulf War. Following in the steps of President George Bush's distinguished career in public service and leadership, the students' appreciation, respect, and understanding of sacrifice for the greater good are enhanced.

  • Treasure Chest Outreach: Land of Lincoln

    Replicas of the museum’s artifact collection and archival documents are available with outreach programs to schools. These hands-on resources enhance understanding of historic items.

  • Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall

    Students will receive an in depth 1-hour tour of 3 exhibits: United Nations, Berlin Wall and The White House. The 1 hour classroom activity will use the Presidential Timeline and focus on the Berlin Wall exhibit. This includes primary source analysis in a webquest format. Plus, activities from The Reunification of Germany lesson plan activity.

    Each class will receive a free class photo in the Oval Office and, while supplies last based on availability, copies of “The Wall” by Peter Sis.

  • Annual Girl Scout Holiday Program

    Scouts will have an opportunity to complete a scavenger hunt in the museum! Come and create holiday ornaments from around the world in the museum classroom.

    FREE refreshments! Enjoy music and dancing performed by community groups.

    NOTE: Holidays in the Rotunda is an annual event each year at the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum. Dates are to be determined. Please check the website for more information.